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6 on 1.9.18

1) Finished learning all of the hiragana and katakana in Japanese. There are still confusing bits here and there - particularly with dakuten, which are little symbols that change the sound of the kana on which they reside - and I'm slow as mud with reading, but overall (shockingly) things are sticking. Mneumonics - and my art history degree-built superpower of memorizing images - have been a HUGE help. Now starting to mix in radicals to begin learning kanji.

2) This is one of those days I wish I had someone to take care of me. Just, like, for a week. Cook, clean, laundry, you know...the basic stuff. Feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.

3) Reading, accompanied by the Skyrim soundtrack. Good times.

4) Lunch to celebrate a co-workers birthday today.

5) I'm not participating because I can't put another thing on my plate right now, but I'm following and reading with interest the Rest Retreat posts over at Homesong. The irony of needing rest but feeling like you don't have time to rest! Oy. Maybe sometime later this year.

6) The Instant Pot love is real. It's been saving my bacon nearly every night since I got it!