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6 on 1.6.18

1) Had a productive discussion with my vet this morning. Tests show heart disease and there may also possibly be some neurologic issues. I have another appointment on Monday to get a second opinion and talk about next steps and/or options. I feel a little better knowing that I have another appointment so soon. Spent all morning in tears.

2) Finished "The Obelisk Gate" today. NK Jemisin is a treasure, and I'm so glad she's starting to be recognized for her writing.

3) Spent the day monitoring Smuch, napping, listening to music, and reading books. He seems about the same, which I guess is good in one sense. At least he's not getting worse.

4) Still haven't taken down the tree. Tomorrow hopefully.

5) Craving cheesy, feel-good movies.

6) I feel out of sorts. Like I'm not all present and can't focus. My rhythm is off.