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6 on 1.3.18

1) The life of a photographer - open the fridge, see shelves lined with film. My supply is low though.

2) 100 books this year. Can I do it?

3) Sleep was good last night. Magnesium is a gift!

4) Midwestern winter grey days fail to inspire me, but the best artists don't wait for inspiration. Gotta push through.

5) Bullet journaling has been equal parts frustrating and deeply rewarding. I finally feel like I'm starting to "get" it, even if things don't always turn out the way I'd like. It's been a good lesson in letting go of perfection. Didn't work? Try again.

6) My student played her solo for me last night, and she sounded amazing - strong and fearless and connected to the music. I'm so proud of her.