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6 on 1.31.18

1) I'm excited to see what the Book of the Month selections are for February, though I feel like the past few months have been a bit disappointing. Lots of thrillers (not a huge fan of the genre), and deep, heavy sorrowful books (which I absolutely don't need to be reading right now). Hopefully there's something fun!

2) Sarah Blondin's guided meditations - Live Awake - are seriously the best medicine after a tough day, when you come home feeling like shit on a stick.

3) Homemade chicken soup for dinner, even though today was warmer than typical for this time of year.

4) Trying to dispel worry and know in my gut that everything is going to be okay.

5) My to do list is growing faster than I can seem to keep up with. Need to sit down and clear some stuff off.

6) Issues with my ear persist. Looks like it's time to schedule an MRI.