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6 on 1.24.18

1) Trying to tighten up things in my portfolio. Feeling excited about the changes ahead!

2) Streets were an ice rink today, all over the city and suburbs. Numerous accidents were reported on the news. Glad to know my parents didn't have to go out in any of it.

3) Doctor AND vet appointments tomorrow.

4) Japanese is coming along. After reading about her and how she studies the language on Tofugu, I now want to watch every YouTube video by Loretta aka KemushiChan. I really admire how she's made a life for herself in Japan, and man...those language skills!

5) Had a lot of little chores to get done around the house when I got home from work. A little annoying to do them, but such a great feeling to have them all done!

6) Feeling gratitude for...well...everything.