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6 on 1.19.18

1) Splurged on a Wandrd Prvke backpack today. It's definitely an investment, but I think it will solve many of my travel issues when taking camera equipment...which is...every trip. (...also, what is it with leaving out vowels in product names these days!?!) Anyway, I'm SUPER excited about it, and it just seems like the ideal fit for my travel needs.

2) Vapiano for dinner. Super tasty caprese salad, and prosecco for the win!

3) Went to Merz Apothecary and set myself up with an essential oil diffuser. Still looking for sleep aids, and I was inspired to try a diffuser by reading Amanda's post on how they handle bedtime in her household. Hoping I'll sleep well tonight.

4) Haircut tomorrow. Thank god. I feel like a lamb that needs shearing.

5) Numerous people over the past couple of weeks have asked me about how I travel. Yowza! I should start a side hustle!

6) Singin' in the Rain. I had seen it before, so no surprises, but it's an okay film. As a general rule, I'm not a fan of musicals, but this one bothers me less than most.