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6 on 1.14.18

1) Nausea and dizzy spells. Ugh. Can't wait to see my doctor.

2) Meeting a friend I haven't seen in a long time at the arcade bar. Excited!

3) My Lyft driver to the arcade was a hilarious woman from the South Bronx blasting freestyle in her car. I told her it reminded me of the music at the skate rink when I was a kid. We spent the ride talking about NYC and freestyle/electro. My Lyft ride back home was with a board gamer and we spent the ride talking about what games we love to play.

4) Chicken satay and huge plate of Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. So incredibly delicious!

5) Played lots of pinball, Frogger and Q-Bert.

6) Ended the day with taking dad out to dinner for his birthday. Thankful for family and friends.