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6 on 1.10.18

1) Found an all-day bike tour to take in Bali, and I'm THRILLED. It sounds amazing - pedaling through rice paddies, visiting homes and villages, coffee tasting...I can't wait!

2) Speaking of Bali, picked up a book today called "The Birdwoman's Palate" about an epidemiologist traveling through Indonesia. It doesn't get the best ratings, but it sounds like an interesting mix of food, politics and life. I decided to grab it despite the less than enthusiastic reviews.

3) It's weird how meditation, after you've been doing it a few years, really helps you react to tough situations differently. There have been a few things lately that I would've handled in a completely, and less optimal, manner five years ago.

4) Organized upstairs a little. Feels better to me. Not so chaotic.

5) My Japanese app started hitting me with my first Kanji today. OH MY GOD HELP.

6) Weird thing about me - really tall, pointy looming things give me a major case of the willies. Things like this statue known as Mother Russia, this fjord in Norway, and the cathedral in Cologne all give me a super case of the NOAPS.