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6 on 12.31.17

1) I can't believe a year as flown by. A YEAR. Sometimes it scares me how quickly time moves forward, and how I may have spent (wasted) loads of it. "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." -- Annie Dillard. Obvious, but oh so easy to forget when you're caught up in the rush of life.

2) NYE, from year to year, has gotten increasingly introspective for me. This year? Party of one. Sparkling wine from a can. Candles. Writing. Dreaming. Reading. And a mini charcuterie board.

3) Getting closer to discovering my word of 2018, I think. There was one that really resonated for me from today's exercise, and it wasn't one I had anticipated or expected. Funny how that works!

4) It's bracingly cold outside, which is great for cozy feels, but terrible for my asthma. I've been indoors for the entire day and am feeling a little bit of cabin fever. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a short walk.

5) I don't believe in astrology or fortune telling (but, what do I know!), but I do believe in people having a knack for telling you what you need to hear in a particular moment. Naimonu James tells me, more often than not, exactly that. She's just really really gifted.

6) Thankful for an utter lack of obligations this weekend.