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6 on 12.30.17

1) Trying a new blogging format. Hoping that making it bite-sized will help it not feel so overwhelming. Less coherent posts than random thoughts. It will also allow me to use some of the random photos I've taken that don't seem to fit anywhere else.

2) Thankful for a long weekend. It feels indulgent, and it's giving me plenty of time to reflect, update my bullet journal, and plan my 2018.

3) Even though part of me loves doing them, I sometimes equally resent end of year reviews, because I can never seem to remember the details of my year that they ask me about. I can't decide if this is normal, or if it means I need to slow down more.

4) I haven't been shooting at all lately. I've even stopped carrying a camera with me everywhere. In a rut. I need to start up again.

5) Time to take the tree down. I wish I had a way to create that magical glow all year-round, but the only thing I can think of is twinkle lights, and that seems...juvenile.

6) Only 53 days until I leave for Bali.