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Current Mood: Ill

I wish I could say that I mean "Ill" in the sense of Nas' "Illmatic" but no instead I'm talking about the bedridden, glassy-eyed sort of ill. I am down with strep throat ( the way, the picture above has little to do with this post except that I felt I needed a header image and I'm currently feeling like a dog), and now I *think* I've also invited bronchitis to the party. Is there a way to disinvite him? Is that considered rude? Maybe I should just be rude.

It's been five days of nothing but tea, water, spaghetti with marinara, popsicles and chicken soup. I'm not a fussy gal, but even this limited diet is starting to wear on me. The other day I even found myself with a sudden craving for grits. In "real" life I HATE grits (also known by me as "grist," yes, as in gristle), but because they're easy on the throat and can be flavored in both sweet and savory manner, I suddenly want all the grits in the world. BRING THEM TO ME.

Most of the past five days - beyond bland food and wracking coughs - have been spent watching a string of horror films on Amazon (check out Ghostwatch if you can - very, very creepy!) and searching for nearly anything that needs little brain power but can occupy my attention. Long form reading is a bit out of the picture for this reason, so I've been rifling through the archives over at Süsk and Banoo. Being re-introduced to the blog has definitely made my imposed lockdown easier. Lauren's words and images have made for great armchair traveling at a time when getting from the bedroom to the kitchen feels a bit like scaling Kilimanjaro, and the short, punchy format offered by blog posts is just about right for the level of concentration I have right now. Not to mention, she's hilarious. Highly highly recommended.

Anyway, bit by bit I've been feeling better and I'm hoping things will be back to normal sooner rather than later. A girl can only eat so much chicken soup and popsicles.


  1. Oh get well soon dude! May God give you speedy recovery.I can understand this sore throat thing is so killing even worst than knife stabbing for me!


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