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Love List: February Edition

February went by in a flash for me, and I'm super late getting this out! It didn't help that for a full week, I was down with the flu (I literally didn't leave my apartment that whole time), and it took me another week after that to feel 100% like myself again.

Here are some lovely things from February...


The Declutter Code
I've been going through a period of minimizing my belongings for a few years now. It definitely goes through waves - some weeks I'm on top of getting things out, and other weeks I'm pretty lazy about it - but recently I've been on a kick again. I wouldn't describe myself as a "clutterer," - I like to keep things neat - but I do have a lot of STUFF around. This book, unlike many books on clutter, is focused more on the ways in which mental clutter manifests itself as physical clutter. It wasn't exactly what I expected the book to be about - there aren't any tips on actually getting rid of items you have - but Bowlin reveals some interesting links between the mind and your physical space, followed up with suggestions on how to calm the mind with activities like meditation and journaling.

In the Market for Murder
This is the second Lady Hardcastle book, and I've become such a fan of this witty British mystery series, and I can't wait for the release of the third book of the series this June. At this point in the series, Lady Hardcastle and her lady maid (and friend) Flo, have settled nicely into their new home in the country. A new mystery crops up involving murder, a rugby trophy, and a clairvoyant named Madame Eugenie. This is the perfect book to read on a rainy or snowy day, when all you want to do is curl up with a cup of cocoa.


I've never written about my recent and complete obsession with Japanese City Pop on this blog (maybe in a future post), but it's a rabbit hole I've fallen into and can't recover from. City Pop is "lifestyle" music from the 80s, when Japan's economy was booming, so it has an easy, relaxed feeling about it. It's a bit difficult to describe in sound, but it combines elements of funk, jazz, easy listening(!), and disco. In other words, it's the perfect mix of fun and funky, with a healthy slathering of cheese melted over the top. I adore it, have been listening to it almost non-stop, and I feel like this song is a great overall example of the genre.


A Cure For Wellness
Okay, to be honest, I can't say that I loved this movie. It's actually pretty bad, and it's too strange and depraved to actually love. But I'll never forget it by virtue of the fact that it's completely bonkers. It goes completely off the rails towards the end, and that end a doozy. It's one of those films that's almost impossible to describe, but it will leave an indelible mark on me because I've never seen anything else like it, and I'm pretty sure I never will. See at your own risk!