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Seeing Light in Dark Times: The Three Question Journal

The past few weeks have been rough for many of us. Amirite?

Let me share something with you. I can't take credit for this method. I found it through Rachel Remen's blog, which I was pointed to through another blog (I can't remember which one now). It has been an amazingly rich addition to my journaling practice, and though Rachel works specifically with doctors, this method of writing is too valuable for ANYONE to not share with you guys. And even if you're not one to keep a journal, going through this process mentally would no doubt lead to a deeper gratefulness for this life we've all been given.

Enter: the Three Question Journal prompt. I LOVE this method, because it allows you to see the daily, tiny blessings that the universe throws up for us. Yes, DAILY. This journaling prompt is an immensely powerful practice of gratitude. After a few weeks of doing it, you'll see how rich and meaningful life really is, even in the darkest of times.

The Three Question journal works like this: each evening, find a quiet time to write and be with your thoughts. Ask yourself this first question - how was I surprised today? Then mentally scan your day, working BACKWARDS from the present moment. The instant you hit something surprising, stop and write about it. The important thing is not to look for the MOST surprising thing, but to stop at the very first thing you hit as you mentally worked backwards. Then you'll move on to the next question - what touched my heart today? Using the same process, mentally scan backwards through your day from the present moment. Find something? Good. Write it down. And for the last question - what inspired you today? - you'll do the same thing.

What have I found by incorporating this method into my journaling process? Well, I've immediately found a deeper appreciation for things that I otherwise might have overlooked. I'm noticing the small wonderful things I see and experience every day, and I'm assured that even in the darkest of times and in the midst of this chaos we're experiencing, the universe looks out for me and has my back.

Try it! And if you do, I would love to hear about your results in the comments!