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Jenn + Nate | Montrose Harbor Engagement Session | Chicago Engagement Photography

Jenn + Nate are friends of mine, and I couldn't have been more honored that they chose me to capture their love before they officially tied the knot. I remember when they first started dating. Jenn didn't go into great detail or gush constantly about Nate (that's not really Jenn's style anyway) but she was quietly beaming. And has been ever since.

They say that you should marry your best friend, and when I see these two together, I have no doubt that this is exactly how they would describe their relationship with one another. Their mutual love of travel, video games, and silly puns is something that shines through when you spend any amount of time with them. They also share qualities like kindness, generosity, and humor. It's clear that they're a perfect fit.

We recently met up at Chicago's Montrose Harbor for their engagement shoot and the Harbor, if you've never been, is absolutely beautiful - loads of trees, the waterfront, boats lazily rocking back and forth, a migratory bird sanctuary, the beach, and of course, an amazing view of the skyline. It's an amazing place for a shoot, especially if you're looking for a range of looks in a small area.

We walked walked around, taking shots as we saw fit. It was relaxed, there was lots of laughter (my favorite thing!), and we had fun making some memories. 

Congratulations Jenn + Nate! Wishing you many pizzas, many video games, many travels, and many happy years together.