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Welcome to my corner of the internet! My passions include travel, photography, books, music, Japanese language and culture, Italian language and culture, and art.

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My Photography Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of course, so why not photographers? I've been brainstorming on a few local things that I've been dying to shoot. And I need your help! So here's what I've decided to do...

If you can help me out with any of the dream shoots listed below, I'll do the photo session for the cost of the film only! That means, no session fee. You will only pay for the film I use, and its processing and scanning.

Interested? In the Chicago area? Get in touch with me here for more details!

Autumn Shoot at Starved Rock with an Engaged Couple
Want to go on a little adventure and capture your love in a gorgeous natural setting? This one is for you! I'm looking for an adventurous, free-spirited couple who is willing to let me document a day at Starved Rock.

Artists + Artisans at Work
Are you an artist or artisan? Do you have a lovely sun-filled studio? Would you love to have a photographer to come in and document you doing your thing? Let's talk!

Chefs at Home
If you're a chef, I want to know what special dishes you cook when you're at home. What are your favorites? Where did they come from? Do you have recipes you're willing to share here on the blog? If you're open to having someone photograph you while you make your favorite at-home recipe, I'd love to chat with you.

Farm Shoot
Are you a farmer with access to a working farm? Would you love to have a portrait session done that takes in all the beauty that open farmland has to offer? Get in touch!

I believe in the power of asking for you what you want, so here they are - the things I would LOVE to shoot. If you can help me out with any of these, I'd love to talk to you!