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Rebranding + Portfolio Shooting

I've been shooting some new work for my portfolio. I still love doing portraits, but I'm finding that I'm also heavily drawn towards shooting still life and travel images. So, I want to expand my portfolio a little. I think my affinity for still lifes is due to the fact that they're like little portraits themselves - the objects work together to tell a story.

I imagine the rebranding process will take awhile. I have a lot of new work to shoot, and a lot of self-directed projects I want to do that will eventually help flesh out my new portfolio and have it reflect the type of work that I want to be shooting. It's interesting to me how this desire for new direction has dovetailed with my focus on intentional living.

Anyway, the image above was one of my favorite images from a recent shoot for the portfolio. I gotta admit, I really have a thing dark, moody, dramatic images!

Earrings: Betsy + Iya
Candle: Nest Fragrances