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The "40 in 40" List

Here's a first look at my "40 in 40" list. Some of the these are things that are fairly simple to accomplish, and maybe look a bit mundane from the outside. But each of them hold importance for me, so they made the list!

I have until March 8, 2017 to get them all accomplished...
  1. Finally read Field Guide to the Night Sky and learn to identify stars, constellations, etc.
  2. Make my own candles
  3. Learn to make three traditional Japanese dishes
  4. Plan, prepare and play a solo recital for friends and family
  5. Send thank you cards to my favorite music teachers
  6. Go on a camping trip
  7. Keep a "Good Things" Jar
  8. Complete 40 film portraits
  9. Go indoor skydiving
  10. Go to a 4D movie
  11. Try 40 different types of wine
  12. Make my own perfume
  13. Renew my passport
  14. Donate at least $5 (or $20/month) to charity weekly
  15. Plant and grow something
  16. Renew my membership at the Art Institute
  17. Get my apartment professionally cleaned
  18. Get a massage
  19. Continue to work towards living a more minimalist lifestyle
  20. Join ASTA (American String Teacher's Association)
  21. Make one weekend a month a tech-free, personal creative retreat
  22. Get a medium format camera
  23. Learn a new practical skill (i.e. sewing, changing a tire, etc.)
  24. Finishing watching all of the films on the AFI Top 100 List
  25. Read 50 books
  26. Create a minimalist wardrobe that I really love
  27. Participate in at least one activity with Outdoor Afro
  28. Re-establish my regular meditation practice (I've slacked off!)
  29. See every major exhibit that comes to the Art Institute
  30. Connect regularly with faraway friends through Skype, phone, letters, etc.
  31. Collect my mom and dad's oral or written histories
  32. Live from a mindset of abundance, and behave accordingly
  33. Finish my photo book from my trip to Asia
  34. Have another photographer take my portrait
  35. Take a domestic trip to visit a friend (Austin, NYC, etc.)
  36. Create a three-year plan
  37. Learn to make French macarons
  38. Print favorite photos
  39. Forgive myself, and others, for past actions/wrongs
  40. Visit 40 places in Chicago I've never been before