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#14: Donate at least $5 weekly to charity - March Giving

Me and my horrible fashion choices at Blue Lake

As I thought about this, I realized that I would much rather give monthly to charity, rather than weekly. It not only simplifies the giving process, but it also allows each charity to see a more sizeable (though overall, still miniscule) donation to their work. I also decided to up my giving to $25 a month, rather than the $20 I originally planned.

I've given to charity before, but never regularly, and I felt it was time to do so. It also aligns with my goal to live from a mindset of abundance (#32 on my list). I have so much, and much of it is due to the generosity of others. I felt I was way overdue in giving back.

My March donation went to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp's Scholarship Fund. Blue Lake is near and dear to me. I attended camp from 6th all the way through 11th grades, and was a scholarship recipient. It's a truly special place. Located in Michigan, it's a place where young artists' talents are honed, and where lifelong skills on how to be a "good human" are acquired.

Blue Lake gave me my first exposure to an international music community, via the exchange students who attended the camp during the summers. And in 1989, I had the good fortune to go with the camp's International Youth Symphony Orchestra on tour throughout Europe, an experience that cultivated my love of travel, and made me a better musician.

I'm forever grateful to the founders of the camp and all of the wonderful staff, counselors, and fellow artists that made (and make!) Blue Lake the amazing place that it is, and I'm excited that my small donation will help contribute to a young artist's experience!